Cheesy chips

This is so simple that you just have to try it. I know I’ve made low-carb crackers before, but these are super-low because their only ingredient is cheese! Flavor them up if you like with some spices, hot sauce, white pepper… or make them plain. Mine have some Herbes de Provence sprinkled on top. Yummy. […]

Cholula zero carb..

I love Cholula zero carb hot sauce on nearly everything. Eggs, veg, meat, whatever you’ve got. I have yet to try the other flavors, but Original suits me just fine. Zero carbs and no weirdo ingredients – yay!

Cheddar Crackers ..

Something Craig really misses from our carby-days is a good cracker, so I thought I’d give it a shot. How does cheesy-cheddary-golden-brown-crunchy goodness sound? I based these on a recipe over at hulk-smash Testosterone Nation, and while it won’t put hair on your chest (I think) it makes a damn fine low-carb cracker. Combine the […]

Cheeseburger Sala..

Dreaming of cheeseburgers but need to avoid the carbs in the bun? Then this amazing, satisfying salad recipe is for you. Thank you iconomy on metafilter for this fabulous recipe! The ingredients should just say: cheeseburger plus toppings, but in the interest of being complete I’ll flesh it out for you.┬áLately we’ve been having this […]

How to make cocon..

I keep hearing people rave about coconut butter, and I was so pleased to find out that it is really easy to make. Homemade coconut butter – who knew? All the recipes I’ve found are essentially the same – although I did find one which called for the addition of coconut oil – but the […]

Recipe for harico..

What do you get when you take a fabulous vegetable like haricots verts and add bacon and pepitas? A wonderful, crunchy, filling side dish or a great lunch. So you start with the best bacon, of course. This is Whole Food’s smoked Black Forest bacon – it has a really great, deep bacony flavor. Then […]

Breadless Meatloa..

The kids and Craig had a hankering for meatloaf, so I whipped up something which I thought might taste delish(ix!) yet still fall well within low-carb, primal, and paleo guidelines. We’ve got 3 kids, so this recipe makes a lot – 3 loaves – but it is really easy to downsize to fit a smaller […]

Broccoli Salad re..

I was looking for an easy, quick recipe to make for a mid-week potluck dinner, and this Broccoli Salad based on a recipe over at Eating Well turned out great. Since it contains mayonnaise you don’t want to bring it for a summer outdoor lunch, but for a cool evening it was perfect. Start with […]

My take on Noatme..

I love reading Mark’s Daily Apple for low-carb recipe ideas, and when I saw his Noatmeal I knew I had a winner to replace Craig’s weekend oatmeal breakfast. I’ve never liked oatmeal (too slimy and slippery) but I really enjoy this nutty and rich breakfast once a week. Look at these deliciously crunchy nut bits… […]

Coconut Avocado I..

Do you want to have amazing ice cream without (much) guilt? Try this low-carb (primal, even!) concoction. Even Craig enjoyed it, and he’s a harsh critic.